Reduced Cost Broadband Without Compromising on speed

SOGEA, an acronym for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, represents a significant leap in broadband technology. This innovative approach allows for the provision of high-speed broadband without the necessity of an analogue line. The evolution in technology over recent years has paved the way for fibre broadband accessibility through the streamlined SOGEA solution.

What this translates to for you is the opportunity to experience the same superfast broadband speeds but at a more economical monthly cost. Additionally, the adoption of SOGEA ensures an expedited installation process, allowing you to harness the benefits of high-speed connectivity swiftly and efficiently.

Why Choose SOGEA?

SOGEA secures the future of your business connectivity by consolidating your landline and broadband services into a unified offering. Previously, businesses had to engage separate contracts for a phone line or landline service and a distinct broadband solution, but with SOGEA, these essential connections seamlessly converge into a singular, efficient service.

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Initiate the Switch to a New Broadband Experience

SOGEA is a straight forward fix to ISDN being switched off.

By 2025, all conventional lines will become obsolete, necessitating businesses to prepare for this transition.

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