Revolutionise Your Communication, Boost Your Productivity!

Cloud phone systems, also known as cloud-based phone systems or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, are communication platforms that leverage the power of the internet to provide voice and telephony services. Instead of relying on traditional telephone lines, these systems use the internet to transmit voice data offering you a range of features to improve and support how you communicate with your customers.

Cloud Phone PBX

Cost Effective

Opting for a cloud phone system proves more cost-effective compared to traditional systems, primarily because costs are based on licenses rather than per-minute charges.

Enjoy free calls to UK mobiles and landlines, benefit from reduced international call prices (saving up to 90%), and diminish the necessity for extensive hardware.

Flexible Solutions

Embrace flexibility with a cloud phone system, allowing you to seamlessly work from home, the office, or any location in between. Effortlessly operate from any place with an internet connection. Manage calls on your landline, mobile, or desktop.


Inclusive Features

  • Auto Attendant – Interactive Voice response that routes calls efficiently based on caller selection.
  • Hunt Groups – Assigns users based on department and can allow for users to be part of multiple groups for greater flexibility.
  • Voicemail – Each user or ring group has option for a voicemail facility as well as voicemail to e-mail.
  • Time Controls – Direct calls based on specific times or dates. Perfect for out of hours service or simply communicating with your customers.
  • Multi-Site Connectivity – Manage multiple sites and users seamlessly from one portal.
  • On-Hold Music – Let customers know they are on hold and put them at ease allowing you to deal with their query more efficiently.

Call Analytics

Enhance your business communication efficiency with Cloud Century’s call analytics. Effectively manage staffing resources, meet customer demands, and present your best image. Prevent missed sales opportunities, improve response times, and maximize conversions through detailed analysis of missed calls and call handling. Track the success of specific marketing campaigns by assigning numbers, ultimately boosting conversions and improving overall return on investment.

Call Analytics
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